As the owner of Vision Sports Coverage I initially hired a company to record one of my own teams U13's games and on receiving the footage in DVD format was then faced with where to play a DVD as these are not so common in this day and age as they where “back in the day” so to speak. In the end I used my sons Xbox to view the footage which was disappointing as the view was from eye level (same as what you see at pitch level), and didn’t really give the perspective of the pitch and overall in game play. In additional to the disappointment of the footage itself as it was simply a camera following the ball around the pitch with limited views and focusing solely on where the ball was at any point in time it wasn’t enough to provide feedback to my players or other coaches on how the team was lining up, tactical plays showing larger parts of the pitch in order to help analyse the footage and help my fellow coaches and our players understand the finer detail or areas to work on with any great effect.


So then became my challenge to find something that would allow me to gain better game footage and something tangible that could be used to improve the team and individual players. At the end of the day players are for the most part visual learners and learn faster from someone visually showing them rather than talking or using emotional statements following a game of what they did or didn’t do, trying to explain why their positioning was all wrong, offsides, making the right runs, etc, etc. You get the idea as we have all been there trying to tell someone what they did wrong or can improve on as we all have different opinions of what actually happened when discussing points after the fact, when in fact showing someone visually can have a very different effect as it is fact and evidence based with limited room for emotions or disagreement on what happened when viewing actual footage.


It is also a fact that 99% of all football matches are never recorded, meaning we ultimately only have someone’s say so about how good a goal was, how that particular game was memorable, such as cup finals, local derbies, festivals to name a few, and when and if games are ever recorded they are usually done by a parent or designated cameraman with limited good tangible footage that can be realistically used. This is why typically elite clubs and expensive training facilities have the use of these exclusive tools to enhance team and individual performance while the masses do what they can to improve.


With the development of new technology and some research I believe we now have a way to bring this into the mainstream by offering a way to not only record your match and provide coaches, players, parents stunning and memorable broadcast video footage of the game, but also to provide coaches and players with analysis tools that can then be used to improve teams and individuals by visual learning, viewing specific clips, checking out formations, mark highlights, show the players what actually happened, in game tactics and much more without the need for a cameraman and minimal effort for a very reasonable, affordable cost to everyone.

In the end I decided to purchase the correct equipment required and to introduce this technology at an affordable price where teams, players, spectators and parents can actually use the data to improve, or simply to retain the memorable moments to view anytime in a format that is more up to date using either USB or dropbox (sent by email) as a workable solution for everyone.


Peter Graham

Vision Sports Coverage


At Vision Sports Coverage we want to challenge the norm and bring professional looking football footage and the ability to really analyse games to the people who give up their time trying hard to make a difference to enhance players performance, to help coaches review their teams strengths and weaknesses and for parents and spectators to have memorable footage to watch back and can keep for years to come.

We believe we have the right equipment through working with one of the leading brands in Sports Video Technology using innovative ball detecting Artificial Technology (AI) that also includes sophisticated editing tools with a powerful 180 degree camera.

- Reasonable pricing to suit teams with low budgets

- Any game, anywhere, any weather, any pitch size

- Two 4K lenses capture the entire pitch all the time

- Quick turn footage and access to analysis tools

- AI powered software automatically detects the ball

- Unrivaled footage for everyone to enjoy those special moments