You can book your game by either calling us directly on the number above or simply send an inquiry through our website or send us an email about your game clearly starting the following information.

- Game Location (Park or Pitch where game will take place)

- Kick Off time for start of match (how long is the match played, plus possible ET/Penalties)

- Both full team names playing and age group (U11's, U16's, Amateurs, Juniors, etc)

- Competition type (League, Cup, Final, Friendly, Tournament, etc)

- Confirmation that both teams agree to have the game filmed and have proper consent in place

- Which Package you are booking (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum)

We will then check availability and confirm your booking via email. ​

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Bronze Medal Picture.png
Silver Medal Picture.png
Gold Medal Picture.png


On Arrival

We will aim to arrive no later than 20 minutes prior to kick off in order to set up the camera, speak with the organisers and arrange team photos if required. The placement of the camera and setup is around 5 minutes.

Before Kick Off

We will check with the teams secretaries or match organisers that they have consent to film and check the number of videos required for each team which may include email addresses or point of contacts. Then we let the camera do the hard work while we watch the game.  

During Game

The camera is static using the 180 degree lenses and will be situated near the pitch around the center line according to the pitch size where it captures the entire game from start to finish.

We will continue to monitor the camera system during game.

After Game

Now the work starts and we will finish recording and take down the camera and depending on the package do the post match interview and MoTM award presented by our rep. We will then work to get the footage and access to the analysis tools to to the teams within the stated timelines and complete delivery of the video footage in the format requested.